December Library Fundraisers

Support your local library by shopping our Sweet Sale Monday December 12 when the library will open from 5 to 8 pm. Buy a tray of cookies or other specialty items for your holiday parties. While you are here, you could renew your Friends of the Library Membership. Or Donate Dollars and win a prize.

Staff Recommendations

Check Bulldognetwork and you won’t see only football or other sports, you may see the video of local farmers harvesting corn. What’s up with Corn? Check this book to read about it. Or point your grade school reader to this Box car children title “The Clue in the Corn Maze.” This book will help you […]

Snuggle up with a book to READ!

Books of Miracles, a baby born in some stranger’s barn, great gifts, great Joy, and family celebrations! That’s what you will find on our interior home search page. To begin, search any word in the search box. Results will be shown on green and red page. Click the Home tab in order to see Featured […]

Get eBooks, Audios, Videos and So Much More!

OK Virtual Library also offers magazines and streaming Video! Find engaging documentaries, popular movies, kids’ audio books, and your favorite magazines to download, just to name a few. You’ll also be impressed by the number of books we’re able to offer from all the best authors. That’s all because we’re a part of a special group of […]

Miss the Library? It has just closed? Grab a Burger, Grab a Book!

Check the Free Books Basket at Mr. Burger on Highway 54. These folks allow us to give you “food for thought” along with your meal. And remember: Do Not Read While Driving! 🙂 HUH-UH! No texts while driving either! We prefer our folks to Arrive – Alive!

New Titles in Audio; Enjoy a book while you farm or deliver cattle.

Having a book read to you while you do the dishes – it means rescue from a mindless task. We’ve got several audio books you just might be interested to “read.” Newly Added in CD & Audio The Bitter Season by Hoag, Tami – 2016 As the dreary, bitter weather of late fall descends on […]